University of Paraná will serve picanha and shrimp on a tray

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Students at the State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG) will pay a maximum of R$ 3.80 to eat sirloin steak and shrimp in university restaurants during back to school.

The UEPG announced that, from the 9th of February, 1225 kg of sirloin steak and 80 kg of shrimp will be served in the “tray”.

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The food came from Argentina, is valid for 90 days and was donated to the college by the Ponta Grossa Federal Revenue Service.

UEPG has two university restaurants – one on the Uvaranas campus and one on the Central campus.

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To serve yourself, the amounts to be paid by students, employees or visitors vary from R$ 12 to the exemption.

UEPG tray

  • Students and civil servants with a family income of up to 3 minimum wages: Free

  • Students and civil servants with family income between 3 and 5 minimum wages: R$ 1.90

  • Other students and employees: BRL 3.80

  • Visitors: BRL 12

“The donation of this type of load is not very common, but we are very happy with this reminder from the Federal Revenue regarding the UEPG. This material will arrive at an important moment and is an incentive for students, who will be returning to classes”, said UEPG dean, Ivo Mottin Demiate, in a press release.

According to the Federal Revenue delegate in Ponta Grossa, Demetrius de Moura Soares, the meats came to Brazil to be delivered to large steakhouses in Curitiba, but were seized for lack of documentation.

The material has already been passed on to university restaurants, which will prepare the students’ menus with the responsible nutritionist. The back-to-school lunch and dinner menu should be announced in the coming days.

University of Paraná will serve picanha and shrimp on a tray

Source: CNN Brasil

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