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Unspeakable tragedy in the USA: Twins fell asleep in a trunk and died hugging from suffocation

Tragic death they found 4 years old twins from the Florida of the US, after they fell asleep cuddled in a large wooden trunk where their parents stored their toys. The children were found dead by their older brother. THE devastated mother confirmed the tragic news to them with a heartbreaking Facebook post this week.

“Not many will know his pain to lose two children at onceand lose them in a way that makes no sense, but I have to believe that something in this universe specifically chose them, perhaps to protect them from some future tragedy or maybe because their souls were very perfect for this world,” wrote Sadie Myers.

As reported by New York Timesthe tragic mother was at work last Friday night when her husband, Don Starr, put the twins – Aurora, a girl, and Kellan, a boy – and their two older brothers in bed for a nap. Starr worked during the day while his wife worked nights to avoid leaving their children with a babysitter, said her sister, Deanna Myers. Sometime during the night, the 4-year-old twins woke up and decided to play with their toys, which they had been doing for the past few months. As their mother explains in her post, several mornings she found the little brothers asleep in different places strange points of the house, with their dolls scattered around them. Mom assumed they said good night to each other like they always did. “Goodnight, Kel Kel,” Aurora whispered. “Night night, Sissy,” her brother would reply.

“On Friday night, the strange place they chose to fall asleep was the wooden trunk we use to store the their stuffed animalsMyers wrote. The twins removed almost all the dolls from the trunk, leaving only a few at the bottom to be softer. They then lay in and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. “At some point in their sleep, one of them moved, perhaps dreaming, and as a result closed the lid,” added the mother.

Warning: Heavy Subject Matter…Not many will know the pain of losing two children at the same time and losing them in a…

Posted by Sadie Myers on Sunday, September 3, 2023

When Myers woke up in the morning, she panicked because the children weren’t in their beds and weren’t immediately visible. The whole family was frantically running around the house, calling the two children. Finally, one of their older brothers opened the chest and saw them inside. Unaware of the tragedy that had just befallen his family, the boy assumed they were still asleep and called out happily to his mom. But when the woman saw the twins, she understood what had happened and what it was already too late to save the lives of her children.

The efforts of the police who arrived a short time later to bring the two brothers back to life were fruitless. City Sheriff’s Office Jacksonville issued a laconic statement about the incident, in order to protect the family’s privacy at this difficult time. “What happened doesn’t make sense and my mind will never take it,” the tragic mother wrote in her post, adding that she, her husband and their other two children feel lucky to have had even a short time in their lives the two twins, who spread love and light everywhere.

Source: News Beast

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