Up to three years of Android updates: Nokia unveils C10, C20, G10, G20, X10 and X20

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The official announcement of three completely new lines of smartphones from Nokia has taken place. The Nokia C10, Nokia C20, Nokia G10, Nokia G20, Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 represent the Finnish brand’s fresh vision for positioning in the mobile market. The strategy is to focus on long battery life, high reliability and guaranteed software updates. At the same time, the new items do not go beyond the mid-budget class: the prices of the older X-models end at around 350 euros.

Nokia C10, Nokia C20

Nokia C10 and Nokia C20 are ultra-budget smartphones based on the lightweight Android 11 Go Edition operating system. According to Nokia, this is a “rethought classic” – simple, but at the same time functional, suitable for unpretentious use by users such as children and grandparents. There’s even a removable back panel that gives you access to a removable battery and SIM cards. Just like the old push-button telephones.

It is noted that, despite the plastic materials, the C-class has passed special strength tests, so the case should not break so easily even with significant drops.

Nokia G10, Nokia G20

Nokia G10 and Nokia G20 are mid-range models with an emphasis on autonomy, which is claimed to be the best of all new smartphones. In this case, the body is already non-separable. They use the full version of Android 11, and updates will be provided for two years (security patches for three years). The battery capacity is 5050 mAh in both Nokia G10 and Nokia G20. The company promises up to 3 days of battery life with a normal workload.

Despite some similarity in technical characteristics, the Nokia G20 is still slightly different: an increased memory capacity (up to 128 GB) and a quad camera with a 48 megapixel main sensor.

Nokia X10, Nokia X20

Nokia X10 color palette

Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 act as democratic camera phones, in addition, both smartphones support fifth-generation cellular networks. As part of the new strategy, the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 are offered full three years of support: three years of Android updates, three years of security patches and a three year manufacturer’s warranty. On the green initiative, both smartphones also received branded cases made from 100% recyclable materials.

Nokia X20 color palette

The Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 have a fingerprint scanner on the side, a separate key to launch the Google Assistant, and the main camera has four sensors and ZEISS optics.

Nokia C20 and Nokia G10 will be the first to hit the stores at the end of April. Nokia G20 and Nokia X10 will release a month later, in May. Nokia C10 and Nokia X20 will be available for purchase in June.

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