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Upheaval in the French elections: victory of Melancholy’s leftist alliance according to the official exit polls, Le Pen third

The official exit polls in France give a huge upset as Mélenchon comes first, Macron second and Le Pen third! The New Popular Front (NFP) wins the largest number of seats after the second round of French parliamentary elections, according to estimates beating National Alarm. According to the IFOP estimate for TF1, the New Popular Front secures 180-215 seats in the French National Assembly, while according to the Ipsos estimate for France TV it secures 172-215 seats. Opinionway for C News TV gives the New People’s Front 180-210 seats, while Elabe for BFM TV 175-205. Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party Together is battling Marine Le Pen’s National Alarm for second place, according to the same estimates. It is recalled that 289 seats are required for an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament.
Source: News Beast

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