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US and British military attack Yemen’s Hodeidah and Kamara Island

The American and British military carried out at least six attacks against Yemen’s Hodeidah International Airport and four more on Qamaran Island, near the Red Sea port of Salif, Al Masirah TV reported. It is the first time that Kamaran Island has been targeted by the international coalition, led by the US, which has been launching sporadic strikes against Houthi rebel positions since early February. Yemen’s internationally recognized government believes the Houthi rebels have launched some of their recent attacks on merchant ships from Kamaran Island and the port of Salif. Last week, two merchant ships – the Greek-owned Tutor and the Ukrainian Verbena – were hit by Houthi missiles and drones. Their crews were forced to abandon them and both ships were in danger of sinking. Since last November, Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels have frequently launched missile and drone attacks against merchant ships in Eritrea […]
Source: News Beast

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