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US: China’s provocative actions are a significant escalation – Anthony Blinken

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has returned to comment, via Reuters, saying that “China’s provocative actions are a significant escalation“.

Additional comments

The United States has repeatedly told China that not looking for a crisis

Pelosi’s visit was peaceful and does not justify China’s extreme response

There is no justification for the answer “grossly disproportionate and escalated“From China to Pelosi’s visit

There is serious concern that Beijing’s actions will destabilize the entire region

The United States will support its allies in the region

We will fly, sail and operate where international law allows.

USA will not be provoked by China’s actions

The United States will continue to carry out maritime transits through the Taiwan Strait

The US Secretary of Defense has ordered the USS Reagan to remain at its post

Will follow pressuring the regime to release those unjustly detained in Myanmar

Russia’s visit to Myanmar opposes Asian efforts for peace

We stand in solidarity with Japan for China’s dangerous actions

We have open lines of communication with China

We reiterate the position that China should not use Pelosi’s visit as a pretext for provocative actions

The question of Pelosi’s visit came up when she spoke with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Bali last month.

There is no possible justification for what China has done following Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Beijing has been urged to cease such actions

There is nothing inevitable about crises and conflicts; it is up to us and China to act responsibly

We will not take actions to provoke a crisis

We have always said that differences between the mainland and Taiwan must be resolved peacefullynot by force

The last thing the countries of the region want is for differences to be resolved by force.

What we do not want is efforts by any country, including China or Russia, to disrupt international peace and security.

Other countries are expected to join the US Indo-Pacific economic framework.

Source: Fx Street

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