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US intercepts conversations showing Hamas operating in Gaza hospital

Evidence the United States says it has collected that shows Hamas was using Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza as a command center is essentially a sign of that evidence, three people familiar with the assessment told CNN.

The evidence includes intercepted conversations between militants discussing infrastructure. Two of the three sources said the information was solid.

“The US would not have said this if we did not believe the information we saw,” one of the sources told CNN.


Israeli special forces raided Al-Shifa hospital on Wednesday (15) after claiming that the site operated as an underground Hamas command center. The statement was denied by the militant group and hospital authorities.

On Thursday (16), Israel released a photo and video of what it called a “network of operational tunnels”, which it claimed was found inside the hospital complex.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces told CNN on Thursday that there are hundreds of kilometers of tunnels around the Gaza Strip, including near the hospital.

“We have already found 300 shafts that enter these tunnels, most of them with traps, including in the vicinity of that hospital,” said Lieutenant Colonel Amnon Shefler.

“Now some of them have also been closed by Hamas and others will be revealed when we find them.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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