US presidential election: Trump and Biden throw their last strength into battle

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On the eve of a historic election, the two US presidential candidates have fired their last arrows. Donald Trump has swept the polls that place him behind his rival Joe Biden, showing his confidence on the eve of a referendum-like vote on this extraordinary president. After four tumultuous years, the United States “has had enough of the chaos”, declared at the same time its democratic adversary, who says to fight to restore the “soul” of America.

The two septuagenarians, who are opposites, threw their last forces into the battle on Monday, November 2 after a campaign upset by the coronavirus pandemic and a great tension of their supporters. “Tomorrow, we will win four more years in the White House,” said Donald Trump to supporters gathered in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for the first of five meetings on this final day of the campaign. In a well-oiled register, he accused his opponent of being a “criminal”, questioned his intellectual acuity, criticized the media, social networks, the “radical left”, an “arrogant political class” … ” We’ve had enough of the tweets, the anger, the hatred, the failure and the irresponsibility, ”said Joe Biden, in Cleveland, Ohio. “It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home,” he thundered.

“As soon as the election is over, our lawyers will be ready”

If Donald Trump loses the election, he would be the first president not to be re-elected to a second term in more than a quarter of a century, a humiliation he might find it hard to swallow. The president maintains the vagueness on the position he will adopt in case of defeat, which causes anxiety in the country. Asked about the possibility, mentioned by the media, that he would declare himself the winner on Tuesday evening if the results are undecided, Donald Trump categorically denied. “No, no, this is false information,” he said on Sunday.


“As soon as the election is over, our lawyers will be ready,” he added, however, suggesting the possibility of a long legal battle. A sign of the tension that reigns at the end of a campaign of incredible aggressiveness, businesses in several American cities, including New York and Washington, were barricaded for fear of violent demonstrations.

Every vote counts!

After North Carolina, Donald Trump must chain meetings in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin with a last act in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as in 2016. A month after his infection with Covid-19, the president does not shows no signs of fatigue and travels the country hoping to lie the polls and stun the world, like four years ago.

Joe Biden focuses on Monday mainly on the key state of Pennsylvania, which he hopes to tip over to finally open the doors of the White House, after two unsuccessful attempts. In 2016, Donald Trump won this northeastern state with a lead of only 44,000 votes, he recalled on Sunday. “Every vote counts!”.

At 77, the Democrat led a discreet campaign, making it a point of honor to scrupulously respect the instructions of the health authorities to avoid spreading the Covid-19, which has killed more than 230,000 in the United States. On Monday, he once again took the opposite view of the Republican president who hinted that he could sack respected immunologist Anthony Fauci, who is increasingly critical of government strategy. “I have a better idea,” Joe Biden said. “Elect me and I’ll hire Dr Fauci and fire Donald Trump!”

Calls for caution

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump intends to organize an election night in the living rooms of the White House on Tuesday and would consider hosting up to 400 guests. Joe Biden will address the nation from his stronghold in Wilmington, Delaware. The latest polls place the Democrat comfortably ahead in several landmark states the Republican won in 2016, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, but his margin is a bit narrower in Pennsylvania and the two candidates are even neck-to-neck in Florida. And observers repeat their calls for caution, pointing to the 2016 poll, where Donald Trump created one of the biggest surprises in American political history by beating Hillary Clinton.

Singularity of the American system: it is the large voters, and not the popular vote, who make the election. In 2016, Donald Trump had garnered nearly three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, but won a majority of 538 voters. More than 96 million Americans have already voted in the presidential election, suggesting a record turnout.

Former President Barack Obama, very present in this home stretch, will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, Florida on Monday to support the candidacy of the one who was his vice-president for eight years. For two weeks, he has called for not repeating the mistakes of 2016. “A lot of people stayed at home, were lazy and complacent. Not this time! Not in this election!”.


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