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US says Houthis fired ballistic missile at US tanker Torm Thor but missed

The US armed forces pointed out today, Monday 26/2 in their relevant announcement that the rebels Houthi of Yemen launched ballistic missile anti-surface ship (ASBM) attack, possibly against the Torm Thor, an American-owned and American-flagged tanker, as it moved through the Gulf of Aden last Saturday night.

The launch took place at 23:45 (Sanaa time; 22:45 Greek time), however the missile missedwent down into the sea with no reports of damage or casualties on board, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Middle East (CENTCOM, “Central Command”) clarified via X (the former Twitter).

Yesterday Sunday 25/2 the Houthis, who are considered close to Iran, announced that they had targeted the Torm Thor as they continue their attacks on merchant ships in a show of “solidarity” with the Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

For its part, CENTCOM reported, as reported by the Athens News Agency citing Reuters, that American forces shot down two remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles of one direction of the Yemeni rebels in the airspace of the Red Sea “in lawful defense”.

The Houthis, who control almost all of northern Yemen, have been launching attacks since November 19 against commercial ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, especially those they say are “connected” to Israel, in a sign of “solidarity” with the Palestinians. in the midst of the Israel/Hamas war.

To counter the attacks, the US, Israel's main ally, formed a multinational coalition in December to “protect” shipping in the strategic maritime area.

And, since mid-January, the US and British armed forces have launched a series of bombings in Yemen against Houthi positions and weapons, which for their part now describe US and British ships as “legitimate targets”.

Neither the coalition, nor the bombings against Houthi positions and weapons systems in Yemen have stopped the attacks of the Yemeni rebels, who are considered close to Iran.

Source: News Beast

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