US says ‘won’t pressure’ Ukraine to cede territory to Russia

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The national security adviser to the United States Jake Sullivan, said this Thursday (16) that the country will not pressure the Ukraine to “make territorial concessions” to Russia, but noted that the country is in talks with the Ukrainian government about a possible peace deal.

Sullivan stated that the United States “refrained from establishing what we would see as an end result” for the war in ukraine .

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In a debate on the subject, the counselor said that the United States will continue “to support and consult” Ukraine “on how they want to approach a negotiated outcome with the Russians”.

“And for now, supporting them in this means supporting them through the constant supply of weapons and intelligence” to strengthen the country’s hand at the negotiating table, he added.

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THE CNN previously reported that, facing the prospect of a protracted stalemate in Ukraine, the United States and its allies are placing renewed emphasis on the need for an agreement to end the war.

In recent weeks, US officials have been meeting regularly with their British and European counterparts to discuss possible grounds for a ceasefire and to end the war through a negotiated settlement.

Sullivan was also asked about the apparent discrepancy between how many Himars (High Mobility Rocket Artillery Systems) the United States has provided Ukraine versus how many the country has asked for.

“It’s the Ukrainians’ job to ask for as much as they can, and it’s our job to deliver them to the extent that we feel there are trained personnel and the ability to really put them to use effectively,” he said.

A senior adviser to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier this week that Ukraine needs about 300 Himars, but the United States has provided only four so far.

“These are highly sophisticated systems that require real training,” added Sullivan. “We trained an initial cadre of Ukrainians to be able to use them. But as you increase the number of systems, you obviously have to increase the number of personnel prepared to use them. So this will be a process that will unfold over the next few weeks and months.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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