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US talks about “prelude” to Israeli operation in Rafah, but backtracks

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller walked back a comment that Israel's capture of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing seemed a “prelude” to a major military operation, saying: “We don't know if is it a prelude or not.”

“They [Israel] described it [operação em Rafah] as limited. It seems like this is not the large operation that we would see, for example, if they went into neighborhoods where they ordered evacuations,” Miller explained when asked about his previous comments at the State Department briefing.

“They have made it clear that they intend to launch a major military operation and we have made it clear that we oppose that,” Miller added.

The spokesman declined to say what the US response would be if Israel carries out a major operation, which the Americans have repeatedly pointed out so that Israel does not carry out.

A CNN confirmed through hospital sources in Rafah the death of 27 people since Monday (6) night, including six women and nine children.

“Obviously, every death of any civilian, but especially of children, is a tragedy, whether in Rafah or anywhere else within Gaza, and we have made that clear,” concluded Miller.

Source: CNN Brasil

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