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US: White House says actions of Donald Trump’s allies meet definition of fascism

The actions of some Republican allies of the former president Donald Trump are consistent with the definition of fascism, his spokeswoman told reporters White HouseKarin Jean-Pierre, a day after o American President Joe Biden said they were leaning toward “semi-fascism.”

“I was very clear when I presented what the MAGA Republicans have done and if you look at the definition of fascism and think what they do when they attack our democracy. This is. It is very clear” said Jean-Pierre during the press briefing.

The acronym MAGA refers to Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Fascism is a political ideology that elevates the nation, often the race, above the individual and advocates authoritarian rule under a dictatorial leader, which includes the violent suppression of opposition, according to the American Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Responding to comments made by Biden on Thursday night that Republicans allied with Trump have embraced violence and hatred and turned toward “semi-fascism,” the Republican National Committee called them “abhorrent.” “Biden has forced Americans out of their jobs, shifted reimgs from working families to Harvard lawyers, and driven our country into a recession while families can’t afford to pay for gas and (grocery purchases) in grocery stores,” said spokesman Nathan Brandt.

Source: News Beast

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