USA: A judge forbade a mother to see her son because she is not vaccinated

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A sensational decision was made by a judge on USA.

Specifically, on August 10, Cook County, Illinois Judge James Shapiro has banned Rebecca Firlit, the mother of an 11-year-old boy, from seeing her son because he has not been vaccinated against coronavirus..

Firlit’s lawyer, Annette Fernholz, said her client and her ex-husband had been separated for seven years and shared custody, adding that the issue was not raised by her ex-husband.

The judge asked Firlit if she had been vaccinated during the child support hearing through Zoom, and when she said no, the judge took her time with her son until she was vaccinated.

“I have had side effects with the vaccines in the past and my doctor advised me not to get vaccinated because it is a risk.”, Ferlit told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I was confused because the hearing was supposed to be about the child’s expenses and maintenance. I asked him what he had to do with the hearing and he said, “I am the judge and I make the decisions in your case.”.

Firlit believes Judge Shapiro was upset, because the hearing lasted several hours and the lawyers were going to ask for a follow-up. For now, it is enough to talk to her son only on the phone: “I talk to him every day. She cries, I miss her… “.

The mother’s lawyer said she hoped an appeals court would be involved this week to overturn Shapiro’s decision. “It far exceeds its judicial power”, he said.

Firlit said it was confident it would win: “I feel that this will resonate with people because that is how things will turn out if we do not talk. Separating families, taking children from their parents, we need to talk to make sure this is not the new order of things. “Unfortunately, I had to be the first person to do this, but my parents are not going to tolerate it.”.

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