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USA: Authorities in Florida banned African-American History classes in schools

“Contrary to state law and without educational value”characterized the Florida authorities of USA courses on African-American history, leaving them out of the state’s high schools.

Tthe course covers 400 years of African American history and focuses on topics such as literature, political science, and geography.

As it states BBC, the classes would be piloted in 60 high schools across the country, including in Florida. It’s part of a larger plan to introduce college-level courses to senior high school students as well.

Statement of his representative Ron DeSandis, Governor of Floridastates that the course has gaps, which can be filled with ideological content, which the state will not allow.

DeSandis last year passed a law regulating how gender and race-related subjects are taught in schools..

Florida did not specify which state law the courses violate. In their letter, the state authorities state that they will reopen the debate if the federal Department of Education comes back with “legitimate, historically accurate” content.

Opposing the state’s decision is the National Association of Parents, which argues that banning the course is a direct attack on African-American communities and how this fact should concern all Americans.

Source: News Beast

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