USA: Authorities on alert for public events during the holidays – “Report what you see as suspicious”

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The authorities throughout their territory USA emphasize preventive measures security as large crowds gather for celebrations, warning that the public should remain vigilant and report anything suspicious, according to the online political news newspaper The Hill.

The tragic incident in Wokesson, Wisconsin at the weekend, when a driver crashed into a festive parade resulting in the death of six people and the injury of dozens of others, he has increased security measures regarding the organization of other festive events in the coming weeks, as people are expected to take to the streets after in their homes for a long time last year.

Warning of possible escalation of violence

As police announced this week about the bloody incident in Wokesa that there is no evidence that it was related to terrorism, 39-year-old suspect Darrell Brooks is charged with premeditated murder, with experts warning of a possible escalation of violence.

“Everyone across America during this time should reconsider their contingency plans at planned parades,” said Fred Burton, director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence. He added that the organizers want to “ensure that they have drawn up the necessary security plans”.

Police in several major cities, 32 miles (32 kilometers) from Wokessa City, have been working with the organizers of the festivities “to ensure that the most appropriate – as appropriate – plan of the necessary security measures has been drawn up,” he said.

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