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USA: The big fire in California is under control – Tropical storm Kay is an ally of the firefighters

The large fire that broke out in California and more specifically near Los Angeles, with Tropical Storm Kay greatly assisting firefighters in the area as it brought thunderstorms and freezing temperatures.

According to fire department officials, the fire in Fervio was reduced by 40% on Saturday night, having earlier claimed the lives of two people.

The fire broke out on Monday amid a heat wave that hit the southwestern US states, burning 113,000 acres and destroying more than 20 buildings.

A weakened Tropical Storm Kay, which on Thursday made landfall in Mexico as a hurricane before heading further north, brought rain that helped the firefighting operation. “The intensity of the fire has decreased significantly due to moisture from Tropical Storm Kay,” the California Forestry and Fire Service (Cal Fire) said.

At the same time, however, the authorities warn that the rainfall may cause flash floods and landslides in the fire-affected areas.

Source: News Beast

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