Usa, the first woman in the Navy special forces

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For the first time in the history of Naval Special Warfare, a woman has successfully completed the strenuous 37-week training course to become a member of the crew of combat ships. He will enter service in one of the special crews of Navy ships conducting covert operations: for security reasons, his name must remain hidden, as explained a spokesman for the United States Navy.

The Naval Special Warfare Command, which includes Navy SEALs and Special Boat Crews, supports maritime “special operations forces”.

To qualify to join the crew of the Special Naval Warfare Command, candidates must complete an intense ‘evaluation and selection’ process: only 35% of those who try, manage to reach the conclusion. Seventeen did it this year.

In the past, 18 women have tried to become crewmembers of naval special warfare combat ships or a Navy SEAL. Fourteen did not complete the training. Three are still trying to complete the path.

“Being the first woman to graduate from this training course is an extraordinary achievement – we are incredibly proud of our squadmate,” Rear Admiral HW Howard, commander of the US Naval Special Warfare Command, said in a statement. “Like his colleagues, he has proven to have the necessary character and cognitive and leadership qualities to join our strength ».

This is the last gender barrier, just dropped five years later that the Pentagon allowed women to apply to perform any combat duty in the military.

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