Used cars contraven the rule and show appreciation in 2021

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It’s no secret that the auto industry has suffered during the pandemic. The initial shutdowns of assembly lines to prevent the virus from spreading unbalanced supply and demand. More recently, the scarcity of raw materials and electronic components meant that the resumption of production took place at a slower pace than necessary to meet the needs of buyers.

And the consequences can already be felt in consumers’ pockets. Buying a 0 km car is now much more expensive than two years ago, reflecting the constant price increases that automakers have been making in the product line.

With fewer cars in stores and higher prices, the demand for used and used vehicles increased, which also pushed their prices up. In some cases, a ready-to-deliver semi-new car can be more expensive than a 0 km car that has a longer waiting list.

This effect was confirmed by the annual vehicle depreciation survey carried out by the Autoinforme Agency. It annually awards the models that have lost the least resale value after 12 months of use compared to their original 0km value in the previous year. This is how the awarding of the agency’s “Highest Resale Value Seal – Autos” occurs.

In 2021, it was the first time in 20 years of the survey that the agency has seen competitors for the award obtain appreciation in all categories analyzed, even after a year of use. Previously, the best result for a car was 4.5% depreciation after 12 months, achieved by the Honda HR-V in 2016.

In this year’s edition, the winner was the Hyundai HB20, a car that appreciated 17.2% when comparing its average sales value after one year of use compared to its original sale price when 0 km. Autoinforme also added that, of the 126 models analyzed in 17 categories in the final stage of the survey, only 25 were depreciated. The other 101 cars appreciated.

Check out the most valued used cars in 2021 by category

Hatch Compact

Hyundai HB20: +17,2%

Hatch premium

BMW 1 Series: + 12%

Car from entry

Renault Kwid: + 14.5%

Electric Vehicle

Nissan Leaf: + 11.8%

hybrid vehicle

Volvo XC40 Hybrid: +13,2%


Honda Fit: + 13.3%

small pickup

Fiat Strada: + 14.3%

compact pickup

Fiat Toro: + 12.3%

Medium pickup truck

Ford Ranger: +16,1%

entrance sedan

Fiat Grand Siena: + 12%

compact sedan

Hyundai HB20S: +15,7%

medium sedan

Honda Civic: +12,9%

big sedan

Honda Accord: + 4.6%

Entry SUV

Volkswagen Nivus: + 10.5%

Compact SUV

Chevrolet Tracker: +15,9%

medium SUV

Volkswagen Tiguan: + 11.5%


Toyota SW4: +16,1%

Reference: CNN Brasil

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