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Users are asked to pay for the hallmark of ZRO tokens

The LayerZero omnichain protocol asks users applying for the ZRO airdrop to pay for token stamps through the Proof-of-Donation mechanism.

According to the LayerZero Foundation, participants must donate $0.1 in USDC, USDT or ETH for each governance token. The hallmark of coins is open from June 20 to September 20.

The funds raised will go to the Protocol Guild, a structure for funding Ethereum core level developers. It is expected that up to $18.5 million will be raised in this way. The LayerZero Foundation will allocate another $10 million.

“By donating to the Protocol Guild, users are demonstrating a long-term commitment to the LayerZero protocol and support for the future of the crypto industry,” the statement said.

In the community, the initiative of the project with mandatory donations was met with ambiguity. Yearn.Finance developer under the pseudonym banteg compared it to “glorified ICOs.”

According to him, Protocol Guild is quite successful in raising funds and does not need such methods.

During the LayerZero airdrop, which started on June 19, 85 million ZRO or 8.5% of the total issue of 1 billion coins will be distributed among users. LayerZero Labs CEO Brian Pellegrino said 1.28 million wallets have qualified for the distribution.

There are 250 million tokens in market circulation. According to CoinGeckoover the past 24 hours, the price of ZRO has fallen by 18.6%, the asset is trading at around $3.6.

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