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Users denounced lack of oxygen in the middle of the Viva Aerobus flight REVISION / 19:20

Users denounced lack of oxygen in the middle of the Viva Aerobus flight REVISION / 19:20

On November 29, the Mexican airline Viva Aerobus became a trend in Twittersince multiple users denounced that flight VB 1062, in addition to having had a delay of almost three hours, presented failures and passengers began to report lack of oxygen.

According to what was published on networks by people who say they were passengers on the flight, the plane that was leaving the International Airport of Mexico City for the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, before taking off, turned off and ran out of air, which is why they started to lack oxygen and the passengers panicked.

Of all the publications, the one that stood out the most was that of a user identified as Leandra Magnani, who through two short videos showed the moment inside the plane, in which passengers can be seen trying to ventilate with the help of fans and other objects.

Thus, in the suffocating atmosphere and after the panic that arose as a result of the mishap, the girl who claimed to be asthmatic along with 15 other people decided to get off the plane. Act to which the airline staff responded that when they got off they would not have the opportunity to board another flight and that their money would not be refunded.

The airline’s lack of empathy in not reimbursing those who got off the plane affected and worried a 75-year-old woman, who claimed she did not have money to buy another ticket and burst into tears. Given the situation of the woman, the people affected cooperated until they raised 12,000 pesos so that she could pay for another flight.

The young woman’s complaint was joined by more complaints on Twitter, who assured that they received poor service and treatment from the airline, where in addition to drowning, the plane began to smell of burning.

Given what happened on flight VB 1062, the company issued a statement in which it explained the situation and assured that the personnel only adhered to the maintenance and security protocol established for this type of situation. Unfortunately, as part of the maintenance, the air conditioning system was affected, which gave rise to a feeling of lack of ventilation.

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