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USP approves new student admission system via Enem

The University Council of USP approved, on Thursday (10), the implementation of a new system for admitting students to the University’s undergraduate courses via the National High School Exam (Enem).

As of this year (for admission in 2023), candidates will be called directly by Fuvest based on the scores they obtain in the Enem tests. The new form of admission will be called Enem-USP.

The university no longer uses the Unified Selection System (Sisu), linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC), to select students.

The purpose of the change is to make it possible for the student approved via Enem to register together with the student through Fuvest, not depending on the system and the Sisu calendar.

In addition, commissions will be responsible for verifying the self-declaration of candidates summoned for enrollment in the vacancies reserved for blacks and browns.

A specific public notice with the calendar and guidelines for registration in the system should be released shortly. From the next selection process (for admission in 2024), registration will be made according to the same calendar as Fuvest.


This year, USP offers 11,147 vacancies in its undergraduate courses, of which 8,211 are destined for selection by the Fuvest entrance exam and 2,936 vacancies for the Enem-USP, without changing what had already been approved by the University Council in June this year.

Of the total number of vacancies offered by Fuvest, 4,954 will be reserved for candidates in the Broad Competition modality; 2,169 vacancies for EP candidates (Public School); and 1,088 for EP/PPI (Public Schools/Blacks, Browns and Indigenous Peoples). For the selection of Enem-USP, 606 vacancies are being allocated to Broad Competition; 1,237 for EP students and 1,093 for EP/PPI students.

According to Resolution No. 7,373/2017, which establishes the forms of admission to the University, 50% of the vacancies in each undergraduate course and shift are reserved for candidates from public schools (EP).

In 2022, USP registered a rate of 50.2% of students enrolled from public schools in its undergraduate courses and, among them, 36% self-declared black, brown and indigenous (PPI). Of the 10,901 vacancies filled this year, which represents 97.8% of the total, 5,468 are students from public schools and, of these, 1,969 are PPI.

Currently, of the total of 59,267 undergraduate students, 20,231 have entered vacancies for affirmative action policies, which is equivalent to 34%.

Source: CNN Brasil

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