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USP athlete accuses Mackenzie student of homophobia during university games

An athlete from the University of São Paulo (USP) accused a fan from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie of committing homophobia during a volleyball game in Boituva, in the interior of São Paulo, on June 1.

The case allegedly occurred during a men’s volleyball semifinal match at the University Games of Communication and Arts (JUCA), which took place during the Corpus Christi holiday, between May 30th and June 2nd.

A men’s volleyball team, Pholley, from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP), in a statement of repudiation, denounced what happened through social media.

Swearing during the match

“On June 1, 2024, in Boituva, the ECA x Comunicação Mackenzie men’s volleyball semifinal took place at JUCA. On this day, a Mackenzie fan uttered offensive words in a targeted manner, especially homophobic ones, towards one of the athletes on our team. ‘Cuz*o, fag*, arromb*do’ were some of the insults uttered.”, communicated the ECA-USP sports team in an open letter on the networks.

According to Pholley, The offenses were made mainly at the time of the serve, when the player who was the victim of verbal aggression approached the stands during the match.

According to Atlética Uspiana, the attacking fan would be next to the vice-president of Atlética Mackenzie. During the course of the game, according to Pholley, Both remained close and would have greeted each other at the beginning of the match.

Upon noticing the offenses, the victim would have tried to inform the representative of the rival fans of the injuries suffered, but he would have remained exempt and did not help. Only after one of the team captains stopped the game to request help and inform the referee about the offenses, did the vice-president atlética mackenzista take action.

Also in a statement, USP’s men’s volleyball team reported that, in general, Mackenzie’s fans had connived at the attacks.

Pholley also communicated, through the open letter, that the current management of the League of Academic Athletics of Communication and Arts (LAACA), responsible for organizing JUCA, remains exempt without commenting on what happened. ATo date, the management of the university games event has also not sought out the target victim of the offenses to offer support.

“We will continue to frequent these spaces, we will continue to exist”, concludes the repudiation note from Pholley.

What Atlética do Mackenzie says

In response to the complaint, last Tuesday (4), Atlética de Comunicação & Artes Mackenzie, Atlética Tubamack, published a note taking a position on what happened, but later deleted the publication.

In the note in question, the athlete claimed that she was unable to identify who among the fans had uttered the insults. However, the ECA volleyball team countered the argument:

“Contrary to what was stated in Mackenzie’s note (which was excluded), the fans and the Mackenzista representation always knew who was responsible for the attacks and that it was happening, as our athlete demonstrated the situation countless times, including pointing out to whoever was responsible for such insults.”, they stated in a statement.

Still in the deleted note, Tubamack stated that the situation was discussed and resolved during a meeting, with an apology on their part and acceptance of the punishment, minus five points in the college’s overall ranking during the games.

“Atlética repudiates any crime, especially those motivated by prejudice. Mackenzie’s Communication and Arts course is made up of a diversity of people and everyone should feel welcomed”, concluded the note from the athletic club, which was later deleted from its networks.

A CNN sought the management of the University Games of Communication and Arts (JUCA), but until the publication of this text, there was no response. Mackenzie Presbyterian University, to date, has also not commented on the episode of homophobia involving students at the college.

Crime of homophobia

Since 2019, the Federal Supreme Court has recognized the crime of homophobia and transphobia, committed as a result of discrimination against someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation, as racism.

According to Brazilian legislation, the penalty for the act carried out against a group or collective can range from two to five years in prison and are non-bailable.

Source: CNN Brasil

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