V. Kikilias: We connect retail with the tourism sector

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“Greek trade is intertwined with our tourism product”, stressed the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, in his greeting at the Conference “Future of Retail 2022” of ESEE.

Mr. Kikilias referred to the importance of the strategic goal of the Ministry of Tourism for the extension of the tourist season, which, as he mentioned, is already yielding the first fruits, with a multiple dividend for the average Greek family business. “Our policies come to be implemented, in practice, through our cooperation and the collective effort of all of us. And this is because tourism is, in the most official way, the locomotive – as I usually say – of the Greek economy, as indirectly or directly, one in four euros in the Greek economy come from tourism “, he pointed out.

According to the Minister of Tourism, the connection of Greek trade with the tourism product is a national strategy, in order to maximize the benefits for the Greek economy. “The tourist product is interdependent with the Greek trade”, he noted characteristically, citing the example of the interconnection of tourism with the primary sector: “Products are produced on Greek land, which in turn are directed to health stores, our hotels and in our accommodations, “he said.

Mr. Kikilias referred to the network of interventions undertaken all this time, in order to “illuminate” unobtrusive destinations throughout the country – such as Halki, Astypalea, Symi, Kastelorizo, but also many winter destinations – so that the income from the tourist product to reach every corner of our country, twelve months a year. At the same time, he underlined the importance of successful opening in new markets, which has led to the strengthening of the Greek brand, but also to the stimulation of retail. “Mr. President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, when you walk around Plaka, the area of ​​Psyrri and the historic center, do not your colleagues tell you that now – after almost a decade of crisis – there are no tourists and visitors who consume, without “Ask how much does a product or service cost? Do we not see an ‘explosion’ in the number of US travelers as early as March, with half a million American tourists now arriving in direct flights to Athens?” the Minister of Tourism.

Mr. Kikilias did not fail to mention the way in which the Greek tourism brand was in the top five of the world ranking, capitalizing on the successful management of the pandemic, which made our country one of the safest destinations for visitors from the whole world and their families. It is worth mentioning the way in which the Prime Minister himself achieved the strengthening of the brand “Greece”. Kyriakos Mitsotakis traveled abroad and promoted our country and its beauties at all levels, as well as the professional, commercial and And in this national effort, the commercial world – ESEE – has been and is always by our side. Personally, I will not tire of calling you our “teammates”. Hundreds of thousands of people, who work in our tourism product, “They stimulate all the other sectors of the economy, with the visitors who move, consume, have fun, all year round in Greece”, said the Minister of Tourism. He focused, in particular, on the way in which infrastructure development projects bring new multiple investments and enhance the overall productivity of the national economy. “Do not the marinas and ports we are developing help the local communities and the commercial world? Only in Thessaloniki, for example, do we have a 250% increase in cruising,” he said.

The Minister of Tourism also spoke about the first promising elements of this year’s tourist season. “Greece is a first destination for French travelers. It is also a first destination for Romanians who choose road tourism, one in two Serbs who will travel abroad also choose our country. Apollo and Der Touristik are constantly adding new destinations The largest airlines in the UK – EasyJet, Jet 2, Ryanair and British Airways – show an increase in passengers from 20% to 50% compared to 2019, while the messages from Israel are very positive, especially for the month of September “.

As Mr. Kikilias pointed out, the results are now measurable. “What we are seeing is that those who have visited us, again and again, from 2019 until today, spend more every year. And this is the best proof of the trust we have been able to build all this time. I do not know any traveler who does not want to “Everyone comes with this psychology,” he said.

“Small and medium enterprises in Greece are the driving force and the lever of the Greek economy,” said the Minister of Tourism, reiterating that the central strategy of the government, as a whole, is to further support the income of the average Greek family, by strengthening tourism. product in terms of sustainable development. “Obviously, we will not” uproot “everything. Obviously, the traditional tavern with the wicker chair three meters from the sea and we want it and we will support it. And we will legislate, so that no one can alter the quality characteristics of the tourist our product “, he underlined.

As Mr. Kikilias said, the profit from the tourism product moves the whole economy, creating the conditions for further development. “From the dividend of this success, we can build better schools, better hospitals, better infrastructure. And a dividend from tourism is entitled to every region of the country, every destination, more or less popular. In this direction we have coordinated all our actions. “And we will continue to do this to make the lives of Greeks better,” concluded the Minister of Tourism.

Source: Capital

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