Vagina Academy: the school without taboos on intimate health

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At school you learn everything: from the Punic wars to algebra equations, up to chlorophyll photosynthesis. But nobody talks about sexuality. Or rather, in the fifth grade and then in the eighth grade the reproductive system is superficially addressed, the only topic on which, however, the teachers do not invite you to ask questions. Questions that, in the best of cases, are then addressed to the parents, who often dribble, procrastinate, postpone. Waiting for life to teach what sex is.

Sweden has made thesexuality education as a subject in 1955, Great Britain in 2019. Italy: not received. A gap whose consequences are then found in adulthood, with men and women perhaps not very aware not only of sex as an activity, but of their own sex as a physical organ. While it is easier for a man to know the physiognomy of his penis and try to understand how it works, most women don’t even know how their own looks like. vagina, at least externally.

To try to make up for this, but not only, Bayer launched the Vagina Academy, the first school without taboos, a digital educational project, dedicated to female intimate health, born to try to give women all the answers on issues related to their body and intimate health. A place where you can find all the answers and break down the embarrassment of the younger generations of women on these issues.

In fact, about 29% of women over 18 years old 7.5 million (Source: Toluna Research Institute, Penetration Check 2021), declares to suffer from intimate problems, a phenomenon therefore much more common than you think. But he talks about it scarcely or with difficulty. Often talking about it freely and without taboos, promoting correct information is the first step towards a more peaceful relationship with your body.

Vagina Academy goes in this direction with the creation of an “online” school, promoted by the Bayer Gyno-Canesten Inthima Cosmetic Soothing brand and aimed at new generations of women, to talk about intimate education in a frank but correct way, without mincing words.
The project lives on Instagram – just type @VaginaAcademy and you will find it – and you will see numerous well-known faces from the social network of images come on board. Authoritative teachers take turns in the chair holding real video lessons via IG TV from intimate health to anatomy, from psychology to history, passing through physical education. Lead teacher is the doctor Ambra Garretto, a gynecologist who has always been attentive to the topic of prevention among the youngest, with a mission of correct disclosure on these issues. With his simple language and direct style he will start from the basics of anatomy to get to deal with issues such as the menstrual cycle, infections and intimate hygiene.

Together with her, as guest lecturers, there will be: the doctor Stefania Andreoli, psychologist, psychotherapist and analyst who works especially with the world of adolescents; Denise D’Angelilli, author and content creator attentive to the themes of feminism and female emancipation; Mordente Ines, specialist in Dermatology and Venereology; Vanessa Villa, karate champion and yoga teacher e The okey, in the century Valentina Ricci, one of the best known voices on the Italian radio scene.

Following them in the “learning” path, an all-female virtual class made up of influencers used to communicate on social media: Giulia Pauselli, Muriel, Virginia Varinelli, Valentina Cabassi and Sonia Grispo. Once the course of study is completed, the students will have to take a final exam involving their followers with quizzes and interactive stories, to break down the taboos on intimate education together.

But what are the curiosities that you can find on the page, things to know absolutely that maybe you already know, but maybe you don’t? Below and in our gallery you will find a taste, but many others are waiting for you on the Instagram Vagina Academy page!

Nutrition is important!

Did you know that good nutrition can help reduce candida proliferation? Here’s your next shopping list: plain yogurt, whole grains, rice, fish, and white meat.

Off with your underwear!

Breaking news: experts claim that sleeping without panties is a panacea for our intimate health: if the area is too covered, in fact, the humidity could create fertile ground for bacteria!

Let’s give the numbers!

Here are some interesting numbers on the menstrual cycle: 10-16 years: the average age of the first menstruation; 28 days: the average duration of a menstrual cycle; 80 ml: the amount of blood lost during menstruation (i.e. 16 teaspoons!).

And do you know what vagina means?

The term vagina derives from the Latin and means “sword sheath”: as children they teach us to call it in a thousand other ways, yet, like every part of the body, it has its own name. Let’s learn how to use it!

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