Valentina Ferragni with a scar, tells on social media of the “pimple that never went away”

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Valentina Ferragni fresh from an operation whose results will soon be known. The influencer, 28, had posted a post over the weekend, telling her followers that she had undergone an operation to remove the resulting formation with an electric scalpel, about a year ago, in the middle of the forehead.

The post-operation testimony of Valentina Ferragni

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“Initially it appeared to be a pimple under the skin, but it changed over the course of the year, getting worse and starting to ulcerate. At the moment we still don’t know what it is: it could be a simple cyst or, at worst, a basal cell carcinoma (malignant tumor BUT not super aggressive) “, Chiara Ferragni’s younger sister had written over the weekend, letting it be known that she had three points on the forehead and inviting his followers to put health first. Then, yesterday evening, a new update arrived. Valentina Ferragni posted a close-up shot of her face, showing the scar across the forehead unfiltered. “Four days after the operation” I wanted to tell you my story because it all started with a normal pimple and changed for the worse over the course of the year, at first we thought it was simple, stupid and not to worry about. Probably 99% of you my problem will remain just MY problem, but maybe that 1% will decide to go to the doctor to show that strange pimple that, for some reason, never goes away. Instagram is not just about travel, fashion, love, politics, beautiful things and food, it is also made up of REAL life, REAL problems and REAL people ❤️ ».

The ABCDE of moles for excellent prevention

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An important message and a courageous photo, which explain the shower of thanks on Valentina Ferragni’s profile. As the Euromelanoma survey recalls, 90% of skin cancers could be treated if diagnosed in time. Hence the invitation to keep your moles under strict control. The skincare brand La Roche Posay has made available a mini practical guide, called ABCDE of the moles, to help us recognize the “goodness” of our moles. A. Asymmetry: asymmetric nevi could be malignant. B. BordersA benign mole usually has smooth, even edges, while the edges of an early stage melanoma tend to be uneven, the edges may be jagged or jagged. C. Color: Most benign nevi are usually only one color, often a single shade of brown. Having a variety of colors – light and dark browns, black, red, white or blue – is a warning sign. D. Diameter: benign moles usually have a smaller diameter than malignant ones. Melanomas are generally larger in diameter than a pencil eraser (6mm), but can sometimes be smaller when first spotted. E: Evolution: benign moles usually keep the same appearance over time. Be careful when a mole begins to evolve or change in any way. If you notice that a mole is developing, see a doctor. Any changes – in size, shape, color, thickness or other characteristics, or any new signs such as bleeding, itching or crusting – indicate a sign of potential danger. Without forgetting the annual visit to the dermatologist, for professional monitoring in a preventive key.

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