Valentine’s Day: the initiative that is good for the heart (of children)

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The February 14 is the day of Valentine’s day, the festival dedicated to lovers, an anniversary that could also become theright occasion to deal with matters of the heart far more important.

In fact, on that same date the World Congenital Heart Disease Day, a problem that concerns many children around the world and representing a real one social urgency.

According to estimates, they are born every year in the world 2 million children with heart disease, of which 1 million and 500,000 with no hope of surviving because born in poor countries, that is, without adequate health care. To aggravate the situation, the historical moment we are experiencing in which the world priority is to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, risking to overshadow other emergencies.

For this reason Cardiopathic Children in the World, the Onlus which for over 25 years has been treating small patients born in the most difficult areas of the planet, has decided not to stop its initiative “Hearts in Emergency”.

The project, born in 2016, has the objective of bring seriously cardiopathic children to Italy, from countries at war or in which they could not be adequately treated, however offer them life-saving operations. A mission which today, following the interruption of the interventions abroad of cardiac surgeons and voluntary specialists, has become even more precious and can be supported even with a small gesture of solidarity.

In conjunction with the World Day of Congenital Heart Diseases, in fact, the non-profit organization has launched a fundraising campaign that will allow you to fully cover the costs for 3 interventions life-saving and partially, in partnership with other bodies or institutions, those for 10 operations at theIRCCS San Donato Polyclinic.

How to make your contribution?

Until February 20, 2021 it will be possible to contribute to the “Hearts in emergency” initiative by sending a sms worth 2 euros or by calling from a landline, to donate 5 or 10 euros, the solidarity number 45587.

Founded in 1993, the Onlus Cardioaptic Children in the World employs over 150 volunteer surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians and, before the health emergency, has committed to organizing missions to various countries every month, building pediatric cardiac surgery centers in the most depressed areas and actually contributing to the development of the local health system as well reduce the infant mortality rate.

Thanks to the “Hearts in Emergency” initiative since 2016, the non-profit organization has already helped 44 young patients from different countries and in 2020 allowed 25 children severe heart patients to be operated on at theIRCCS San Donato Milanese Polyclinic in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations and ensuring, as needed, the transfer of children and their families to and from the country of origin, hospital stay, diagnostic tests but also the reception at facilities outside the hospital for the whole quarantine period mandatory pre-intervention for patients and accompanying family members.

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