Valeria Angione: “When I took my life in hand”

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Valeria Angione, 26, is the queen of videos on Instagram. In a pandemic, we all remember her with a pen in her hand to explain to her alter ego the difference between the yellow, orange and red zone, with the variants of orange and yellow “strengthened”. Natural comic vein, a degree in Economics, theatrical studies behind him, is on social media (almost 750,000 followers on Instagram, 450,000 on Facebook) which, at least for now, has found its way. She makes you laugh and she knows how to laugh, even at herself.

His story tells it now, through the Winks, in a book, Start from you (cna), published by Mondadori. “I studied theater, I did hundreds of auditions, but I was never able to open the right door,” he says. As long as has decided to open another one, on the side. “I was studying Economics, but I felt it was not what I wanted. At the urging of my friends I started sharing videos about university students on the Net, and from there it all started ». The last step, last September, was the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival: “An emotion I never imagined I would feel”.

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