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Valeria Marini: “I risked losing my eye”

The patch on the left eye that Valeria Marini flaunts a very true it is not a habit, but a necessary element. During the interview conducted by Silvia Toffanin, the showgirl explains, in fact, what happened to her in the last few months, after returning from Survivors, the Spanish version ofIsland of the Famous. “It was a tough time,” says Valeria Marini. «I had to undergo an emergency operation because I had a macular hole: I risked losing my left eye, I was very scared. It was a very delicate operation, but it went well ». The operation dates back to October 28, but the rehabilitation will take some time for everything to get back into place.

The problem, explains the showgirl, had already arisen in Honduras: «Back from Survivors they told me I had something, but I took the matter lightly. ” When she arrived in Italy, however, the doubts were confirmed: «My ophthalmologist found this problem for me, telling me that I had to operate. Even then I wasn’t quite sure, but day after day I was seeing worse and worse. Since I have had the operation, I am better ». On the experience in Honduras – Marini had already competed in the Italian edition in 2012 -, Valeria has only nice words: «I entered in March and left after three months, in June. I needed to disconnect, it did me good from many points of view ».

“It was a good experience, it also opened up a slice of the show like that of Spain”, says Marini before tackling another topic: love. “Let’s see as soon as I get my sight back. I’m single. Let’s say that now I’m recovering. I’m telling the truth: I’m scared of love, I’m always looking for love. Since I’m fragile, I don’t want any more disappointments, even if I always hope so. I have given so much love, perhaps too lightly. I like to give lightness and happiness, and therefore I’m fine if I receive it ».

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