Vassilis Kikilias: We will invest 1 billion euros in tourism infrastructure

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The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, spoke in an interview given to the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos tis Kyriakis” about the upgrade of the country’s tourism product and the development of a strategy centered on the support of the average Greek family.

As he stressed, the plan of the ministry to increase destinations and tourism even in the winter months paid off and this was seen in the pockets of the people of the Greek region (small businesses, restaurants, but also in the primary sector) that entered “hot currency” without intermediaries . “In addition, we invested in the city break in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities and” lit “islands that until now were not very prominent. In all these areas, investments are now flowing, the quality of the Greek brand is being upgraded and the income of people who “They live there,” said Mr. Kikilias, pointing out that the choice to support the broad masses, to those who can not and do not have, is radical liberalism.

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The Minister made special reference to the importance of the agreement with American Airlines for direct flights, with the result that in the coming months 500,000 high spenders travelers are expected to come to Greece, as well as the fact that our country is very high in the preferences of European tourists. is the No. 1 destination for the French.

Regarding the possibilities provided by the Recovery Fund, he underlined that the Ministry of Tourism fully utilizes the resources which in total (Greek public, banks and individuals) reach 1 billion euros. With this amount, investments will be made in tourism infrastructure (upgrading of marinas and ports, agritourism, ski resorts, etc.), while at the same time the construction sector will be strengthened, which includes about 80 professions.

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Finally, on the issue of staff shortages, he replied that this is a pan-European problem that “gave birth” to the pandemic, as after the lockdown many workers did not return to the tourism industry. However, he pointed out that if the increase in the minimum wage announced by the Prime Minister is combined with the will of entrepreneurs to ensure quality working conditions, on the one hand there will be availability of employees who will perform to the maximum, but entrepreneurs themselves will be able to provide high quality services. to visitors. “The profit should be distributed to all those who fight and strive for our tourism product,” said the Minister.

Source: Capital

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