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Venezuela: Bank employees arrested in case of alleged corruption by state-owned oil company

Venezuela's bank superintendent's office said on Monday (22) that arrest warrants had been issued against employees of the Bancamiga bank, linking the institution to a corruption scandal involving the state oil company PDVSA.

The organization does not mention the names of the individuals who were the targets of the arrest warrants, but the local outlet Ultimas Notícias, linked to the country's ruling party, said on Saturday (20) that the brothers Daniel José, Levin Salvatore and Carmelo de Grazia Suárez, Bancamiga's main shareholders were arrested.

Tareck El Aissami, former Venezuelan Minister of Oil, was arrested this month for alleged corruption at PDVSA and accused of treason and money laundering, among other crimes.

Last year, authorities began investigating corruption at the state-owned company, which racked up billions of dollars in accounts receivable linked to dozens of little-known intermediaries amid US sanctions.

The bank superintendent's office added in a statement published on social media that the attorney general's office issued “arrest warrants against Bancamiga officials for their participation in this serious corruption scheme,” referring to the PDVSA case.

The attorney general's office did not respond to Reuters' request for comment at first.

Bancamiga is the sixth largest bank in the country and has deposits valued at US$290 million, according to estimates by local consultants.

Source: CNN Brasil

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