Venezuelan negotiations must enter challenging phase, says opposition

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At negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition of the country, which were retakengivess at the end of sina-N-A, must log in in a crucial stage, said the leader of the group gives opposition Venezuelan for dialogue this Mondaygives(28), while political opponents seek to end a protracted economic crisisgives🇧🇷

“Now is the negotiations difficult,” said Gerardo Blyde, who leads the team of negotiators gives opposition Venezuelan, in interview on a local radio station.

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At negotiations they are in angivesment, but stillgives They don’t have a set schedule. The discussions took placein in Cigivesfrom Mexico and are mediagivess by Norway.

THE opposition will attempt to meet with the Venezuelan government again before the end of the year to discuss human rights, political prisoners and other topics, including “electoral conditions,” Blyde said.

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Representatives from President Nicolás Maduro and gives opposition gathered at cigivesfrom Mexico on Saturday to resume the negotiations formal after a hiatus of more than a year.

The parties signed a “social agreement”, asking the UN to manage Venezuelan money currently frozen in international accounts in a fund to be used for relief purposesgivestotaling about 3 billion dollars.

The deal is “not the solution,” however, Blyde said, describing it as a “stopgap” step.

The 3 billion dollars are not enough to meet the needsgivesdes gives Venezuela, he said, adding that once the fund is created, the plan is to distribute the money in phases, taking about three years.

stillgives There is not givesta for the creation of the fund, which will be used to make improvements to the electricity grid, hospitals and schools in the country, where about half live in poverty.

Source: CNN Brasil

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