“Very large artist”, says producer about Marília Mendonça

“Very large artist”, says producer about Marília Mendonça

In an interview with CNN, music producer João Marcello Bôscoli stated that Marília Mendonça was “an artist of very large dimensions”. The singer died aged 26 on Friday (5) in a plane crash.

“She was able to capture our attention instantly with simple songs,” said Bôscoli, son of Elis Regina.

“His lyrics connected with people’s daily lives, and [ela] had fans in various music segments.”

The singer was traveling to fulfill her concert schedule when the aircraft fell into a water course near the BR-474 highway, in the city of Piedade de Caratinga, in Vale do Rio Doce, in the west of Minas Gerais.

Marília’s advisors also confirmed the deaths of producer Henrique Ribeiro, the singer’s uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, as well as the plane’s pilot and co-pilot. All bodies were removed from the scene.

Reference: CNN Brasil