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Video Documentary: Hamas Fighter Attacks Petrol Station Frame by Frame – What the Owner Says

Video document assured the ERT envoy in the war zone, George Sideris, from Hamas attack on a gas station on October 7. THE owner speaks to the ERT camera for the hours of agony he spent and the how lucky he feels because from coincidence he did not come face to face with the terrorists.

In the first video, Hamas members are recorded in agricultural vehicle trailers approaching the pumps. In the second, the gunmen first try to break down the door on foot and then shoot at it.

THE Ishmaelthe owner of the gas station, although he used to go there every day, on the fateful Saturday of October 7 he was absent.

Ishmael’s wife reports that he has not stopped feeling fear from Hamas attacks with rockets. She’s still trying to explain to their 5-year-old son what’s going on, who is growing up in conditions war.

Source: News Beast

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