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Video: Homeless man is attacked by guards in downtown SP

A homeless man was attacked by agents of the Metropolitan Civil Guard after being arrested in downtown São Paulo on Saturday morning (6).

A video shows the man being kicked and punched by three GCM officers, when two others arrive to restrain him and attack him with the baton. The guards even step on the arrested person. Watch:

In a statement, the City of São Paulo reported that it had removed the three Civil Guard agents involved in the attack and that the Municipal Secretariat for Urban Security (SMSU) had already initiated disciplinary proceedings.

Military police officers can also be seen helping to disperse those who were filming the incident.

The Public Security Department reported that the 42-year-old man was arrested for contempt.

The civil guards were providing support in cleaning the area when the homeless man began filming and insulting the agents.

According to the SSP, he advanced against one of the guards, the team intervened and restrained him with handcuffs. The man was then taken to the 8th DP (Brás). Both the prisoner and the agents underwent forensic examinations.

The case was registered as resistance and contempt and forwarded to the Special Criminal Court (Jecrim). The Secretariat also states that the police officers who appear in the video did not participate in the action, they only approached to contain the people who “tried to intervene in the GCM action”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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