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Video: Hotel is invaded by floods in RS; look

Videos captured by security cameras show the moment a hotel in Arroio do Tigre (RS) is invaded by a flood during one of the storms that have hit the state since the beginning of last week.

See the videos below

The images were recorded on the morning of April 30th but were made public this Tuesday (7).

The case occurred at the Hotel and Cabanas Marachall. In the video, it is possible to see the current entering, in a few seconds, the reception of the establishment. With the force of the water, a piece of furniture was swept away.

In another image, the moment when water invades the hotel restaurant is recorded, pushing tables and chairs that were on the side of the place. Another camera, located in the garage, shows that the force of the water moves a parked car.

A CNN Jocelaine Nunes, who has lived and cared for the place for six years with her husband, Gildo Nei Nunes, reported that the situation only caused material damage to the hotel, without causing any injuries.

She commented that the collapse of a wall behind the establishment caused the flood to reach the hotel.

Watch the videos:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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