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Israeli tank runs over and destroys “I love Gaza” sign in Rafah; see video

A video shows an Israeli tank shooting and passing over a sign saying “I love Gaza” in the city of Rafah. The place is the target of Israeli attacks and the focus of negotiations with the West.

This Tuesday (7), the Israeli army took control of the Rafah crossing, a region in the south of the Gaza Strip that borders Egypt. The area was also the target of heavy bombing throughout the morning.

See the video:

In the images you can also see the moment when two soldiers raise an Israeli flag in a park next to the crossing.

Reuters news agency was able to confirm the location through the layout of the building, the road and the vegetation around the area, which corresponds with satellite images. Reuters was unable to independently verify the date the video was recorded.

The West has warned of the risks of a ground incursion into Rafah, which is home to more than 1 million Palestinians displaced by the conflict. Israel claims that the city is Hamas' last stronghold and that the operation is essential to victory in the war.

Amid the escalation of tension in the war, Israel is evaluating the proposal for a ceasefire that was accepted by Hamas this Monday (6).

Gaza's Health Ministry said Israeli strikes across the enclave killed 54 Palestinians and injured 96 others in the past 24 hours.

*With information from Reuters

Source: CNN Brasil

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