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Polish PM calls meeting to discuss spying threat from Russia and Belarus

The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, called a meeting of his country's Secret Service Council for this Wednesday (8).

At the meeting, “the alleged Russian and Belarusian influence on the Polish power apparatus in previous years” will be discussed, wrote Tusk on the social media platform X this Tuesday (7).

As a Western military supply hub for Ukraine during the war with Russia, Poland is on high alert for espionage.

On Monday (6), the government said it was checking whether a Polish judge, who had access to confidential information and requested political asylum in Belarus, was spying.

“We must be aware that the services, in this case the Belarusians, worked with a person who had direct access to the Minister of Justice… who had access to several confidential documents that no intelligence service should have had access to,” Tusk highlighted before a government meeting this Tuesday.

“The fact that Judge (Tomasz) Szmydt’s relationship with the Belarusians has a long history, that it is not a matter of recent months, should be a cause for deep concern,” he added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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