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Rafah's last operational hospital requests medical reinforcement to deal with injured

The last operational hospital in Rafah has issued a call for all available medical staff to help with the constant flow of injured patients arriving at the medical center.

In a statement released on his official WhatsApp account, Dr. Suhaib Al-Hams, Director of Kuwait Specialized Hospital, said on Tuesday (7) that he was “receiving dozens of martyrs”, using a term to refer to to people who were killed, “and injured all the time.”

“Rafah Governorate is facing a major health disaster amid continued and intense Israeli bombardment,” Al-Hams added. “We appeal to all medical teams to fulfill their duties and responsibilities and urgently go to Kuwait Hospital due to the lack of specialized medical personnel.”

Al-Hams also said its X-ray machine was out of service “due to pressure from the number of cases.”

“Kuwait Specialized Hospital in Rafah is the only one now operating at minimum capacities, after Al-Najjar Hospital went out of service due to being classified as within the red zone,” the statement added.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) international spokesman Nadav Shoshani said in a statement on Tuesday that the Israeli military is carrying out “a precise counter-terrorism operation” to “eliminate Hamas terrorists and dismantle the infrastructure terrorist group in specific areas in eastern Rafah.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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