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Video: mother breaks bus window after son gets sick in the heat in Rio

A woman broke the window of a bus in Rio de Janeiro after her son fell ill due to the intense heat. The case occurred on Wednesday (15), the day on which the thermal sensation in the capital of Rio de Janeiro reached 55 degrees.

In the video, which went viral on social media, it is possible to see that the child was shirtless and sweating while being shaken by a woman.

See the video:

Passengers reported that the air conditioning on the bus on line 342, operated by Viação Pavunense, did not work and asked the driver to open the door. After refusing, the woman broke the vehicle’s window.

In a statement, Viação Pavunense states that the bus left the garage with the air conditioning working, but had technical problems during the journey. The company also said that the driver disembarked all passengers during the journey until he returned to the garage.

Rio Ônibus informs that, currently, 80% of the city’s bus fleet has refrigeration.

* Under the supervision of Vital Neto

Source: CNN Brasil

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