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Video: RS residents return to flooded homes fearing looting and theft

Despite the flooding that persists in Rio Grande do Sul, some residents are returning to flooded homes in fear of the looting and robberies that are growing in the region.

In Rio Grande, in the south of the state, there are neighborhoods that saw water flow into Lagoa dos Patos, spreading throughout Pelotas and the region. A resident, identified as Rui, was caught inside his flooded house, walking with boots to protect himself from the water.

Furniture was built with bricks and objects such as chairs were submerged. Seu Rui explained that he insists on staying at home due to reports of theft and looting. See the video above.

In the neighborhood, residents organized themselves into a kind of patrol, with each person keeping a night vigil to ensure that their homes were not invaded.

Civil Defense and city halls in affected cities, such as Rio Grande, Canoas, Pelotas and Porto Alegre, advise that people not return to flooded areas. The Civil Police states that there is no lack of control over public safety, although crime levels may have decreased due to the flooding.

Despite the risks, it is understandable that people try to preserve the heritage built throughout their lives. However, authorities emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety and waiting for the water to recede before returning to homes.

(With information from Guilherme Rajão, in collaboration with CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil

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