Video-thriller: Robbers break into a hair salon wearing Scream masks

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The terror was spread by gunmen robbers who broke into a hair salon in Seattle, USA, having covered their faces with masks from the well-known thriller Scream. The incident took place last Sunday and three of the four suspects were recorded by the store’s security camera.

The robbers entered the King Way hair salon with guns in their hands and demanded money, according to local media, which secured the images.

“They told me: money, money, money. “I told them: ‘The money is there,'” said the salon owner.

The perpetrators emptied the cash register and robbed several customers.

“When I think about it I still feel scared,” said the owner. “I have to work whatever happens. “I have my children, my four daughters, I have to take care of them,” he added.

Seattle police continue to search for the scary perpetrators, who are escaping arrest.

According to the NY Post, this is not the first time masks from the 1996 horror film have been used by perpetrators to terrorize victims. In 2018, a man wearing a mask from the movie shot a teenage girl and another man in Manhattan.

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