VinFast named the prices of two newest electric cars: they will arrive in Russia in 2023

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Today, May 13, the Vietnamese company VinFast officially announced the cost of its two newest electric crossovers VF 8 and VF 9, which, according to brand representatives, should come to the Russian market next year. So far, vehicles are represented only in the European and Canadian markets, and it is problematic to call them affordable or at least inexpensive. The fact is that the VF 8 electric crossover (the youngest model in the company’s line of electric cars) in the basic Eco configuration with the simplest battery with a capacity of 82 kWh is sold on the European market at a price of 43 thousand euros, which is about 3.1 million rubles.

VinFast VF 8

The good news is that all configurations of this electric car, without exception, come with two electric power plants with a total capacity of 402 horsepower. Thanks to this, the urban SUV can accelerate from zero to hundreds in 5.5 seconds – not a record, of course, but for a heavy crossover it is quite a worthy result. Moreover, a potential buyer will be offered a more capacious battery (87.7 kWh), thanks to which the travel range on a single charge increases from 420 to 470 kilometers. Naturally, the older model VF 9 is more expensive – for it the manufacturer requested 59 thousand euros in European countries (about 4.3 million rubles).

VinFast VF 9
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But with a noticeable increase in cost, VinFast specialists offer a too stingy set of bonuses. For example, the VF 9 electric crossover runs on the same power plants and offers absolutely similar modifications, but acceleration from standstill to hundreds in this case takes the vehicle two seconds longer – as much as 7.5 seconds. But in return for dynamics, a potential buyer will receive 440 kilometers of power reserve in the basic configuration and 600 kilometers in case of purchasing an increased battery.

It is difficult to imagine how the Vietnamese manufacturer will compete with major players in the global electric car market with such prices. And the start of sales of crossovers in Russia, according to VinFast, is scheduled for early 2023 – so far, exact prices in rubles and delivery times have not been reported.

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