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VirusTotal Mobile 2.4.2

VirusTotal Mobile 2.4.2

VirusTotal Mobile gives you the ability to check all installed apps on your Android phone with the help of VirusTotal online scanner. It will inform you about malware (viruses, trojans, worms) on your phone and will allow you to download all unknown applications on Virustotal. In other words, Virustotal for Android will get your apps and scan them with more than 50 Antiviruses, flagging them as unwanted content.

Please note that virustotal on Android does not provide real-time protection and thus is not a replacement for another antivirus product, just a second opinion on your applications. In the new version, in addition to the analysis of all installed

and downloaded applications, if they are not in VirusTotal, any file or URL can be analyzed either from the application itself or from another application.

In addition, it has a statistics section where you can see the number of all scanned files and infected applications, files and URLs that virustotal has found thanks to your downloads.

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