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Vita da Carlo 2: the great return of Carlo Verdone, who ages as well as wine

Few actors have managed to play on their own fears and fragilities like Carlo Verdone, but in Life as Carlo the director decides to take a step further. Not just because he plays himselfbut also because he inserts games, situations and exchanges of jokes that could easily have been uttered by him in everyday reality, by his tiredness towards the characters he played on the screen and that people still ask him to make a smile or awaken a die-hard fan in a coma, to his desire to shoot an arthouse film that unanimously convinces audiences and critics. After recounting his unlikely candidacy for mayor of Rome in the first season, in Life of Charles 2, available exclusively on Paramount+ starting September 15thwe’re talking about a much more autobiographical story and much more in line with him: the idea of ​​making a dramatic film “without characters and without laughter” inspired by a (true) chapter of his book The caress of memory (Bompiani) in which he tells of his youthful affair with a prostitute named Maria Effe.

Carlo Verdone and Christian De Sica in Life as Charles 2

Watch the series, made up of episodes with a very high level of entertainment supported by an iron script which now swings towards extreme laughter and now towards the deepest melancholy – credit where credit is due not only to Carlo Verdone, but also to Pasquale Plastino, Ciro Zecca and Luca Mastrogiovanni who wrote it with him -, truly gives the impression of peek behind the scenes of anxious life of a man who tries to please everyone by trying to maintain that mental balance that accidents, misunderstandings and emotions triggered by increasingly hilarious unexpected events put in serious danger. Beyond the numerous guest stars featured in Life as Charles 2from Christian De Sica with whom Verdone presents the iconic ballet of Talcum powder to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, passing through Maria De Filippi And Claudia Gerini, engaged in the revival of one of the most iconic scenes of HoneymoonsCarlo Verdone takes us by the hand a meta-narrative series which offers brilliant flashes – like the revenge of Fabio Traversathe actor who played Fabris in Classmates who after 35 years finally wants to make Verdone pay for having attached to him a character that no one has managed to remove from him – but also moments of reflection and depth.

Sangiovanni in Life as Charles 2

The entrance on the scene of Saint John, in his debut as an actor, in the role of himself, called to play Carlo as a young man in order to attract young girls to the cinema in his new film, and to Ludovica Martinoalways in the role of a very haughty version of herself – in reality Ludovica Martino is a love, we would like to point out – they contribute to lightening everything and fitting in perfectly with the other members of the cast: from Stefania Roccaextraordinary in the role of a children’s book writer with whom Verdone begins a relationship, to the promising Filippo Contri in the role of his son, passing through Caterina De Angelis, Antonio Bannò, Claudia Potenza and forever friend Max Tortora, Carlo’s exceptional sidekick also in the first season. The move to Paramount+ also allows the series to allow itself even more freedom and even more attention to detail, giving the public a product that is perhaps even better and ready for a sequel soon, given that the take of the third season of will be released in November Life as Carlo, always produced by Filmauro and always directed by Valerio Vestoso as well as, naturally, by Verdone himself, the beating heart and soul of a series that we wish would never end.

Source: Vanity Fair

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