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Chemical Brothers, the beautiful feeling of listening to For That Beautiful Feeling: the album review

For That Beautiful Feeling: the title of the new album by Chemical Brothers it is a statement of intent. Devotion to this «nice feeling” it is absolute. Communicated with empathy and played with enthusiasm, she hooks on the skin. Each song contributes to building the dancefloor around the listener, in search of an immersive experience that can take you far, «When you feel like nothing really matters». It’s all there: the lights, the colors, the movement. It seems to taste the acidic and nostalgic taste of nineties rave. A “good sensation” enriched with many different spices. Sometimes Chemists dilute it with a bit of irony. Other times they mix it with a pinch of bitter but harmless melancholy. Those who dance in this club feel both hope and resignation. It’s all here and now, on the track: «Let your heart see the colors all around you».

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And the tenth album of the Manchester duo formed by Tom Rowlands And Ed Simons. For That Beautiful Feeling (EMI Records) arrives 28 years after their debut and proves that the two British men over fifty are still capable of releasing a record absolute level. Maybe there won’t be a global hit, but it’s impossible to skip even just one of the 11 songs. In their studio on the south coast of England, the Chemical Brothers once again exercised their superpower: composing an album of electronic music almost totally instrumental and make it sound pop.

The big beat classic of the British is seasoned with European indie, with American techno and acid house and with Afro break beat. The nihilism of No Reason it is exciting. The arpeggiator anticipates the drop, then a played bass enters which is worth a concert in itself. A voice mixed with effects sings «We have no reason to live, we have no reason at all, when they kill us all?», while everyone they dance without control. In Goodbye the new wave drums energetically support the electropop melodic riffs, touching different, more melancholy emotional chords. In Fountains there are psychedelia and saturated colors. The Weight it’s a B-movie: the protagonist is running away from a bad guy, but he already knows he will get away with it.

In Skipping Like A Stonand the Chemists welcome an old friend as a guest: Beck returns with a feat, eight years later Wide Open. With The Darkness That You Fear one of the highest peaks of the album is reached: the remix of the song released in 2021 excites. She clings with her nails to the hairline on the back of the listener’s neck. Then it arrives Feels Like I Am Dreaming: a distorted voice obsessively repeats what is almost an order. There live size it’s back, raw and obscene. A piece perfect for festivals, from lows in the stomach. The album ends with the title track: the second guest, the French musician Halo Maud, returns, after having already sung in the second track, to accompany us out of the club with the last song. The evening is over. Those who participated are satisfied, «for that beautiful feeling».


James Blake – Tell Me

The Rolling Stones – Angry

Blondshell – Street Rat

Source: Vanity Fair

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