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Vladimir Putin accuses the Ukrainians of trying to destroy natural gas pipelines

THE Russian chairman Vladimir Putin accused its armed forces yesterday Monday (4/9). Ukrainian how have repeatedly launched attacks aimed at destroying pipelines carrying natural gas to Turkey through the Black Sea.

“Attempts are being made to attack the TurkStream and Blue Stream pipelines, through which gas is delivered from Russia to Turkey”Mr Putin said during a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi yesterday.

Russian warships are protecting the pipelines, he assured. “But they are constantly under attack, also by drones which are sent from Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea”he insisted.

On the sidelines of talks between the two leaders, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Saigu said Ukrainian drone attacks were among the reasons Moscow withdrew in July from a UN-Turkey-brokered deal allowing Ukrainian grain exports. through the Black Sea.

Mr Erdogan, whose government had played a role in the negotiation, went to Sochi yesterday to try to persuade his Russian counterpart to reinstate the deal in time for the autumn harvest. The Russian side said it would return to the agreement if the conditions it sets are met.

Mr Saigu said that initially under the Black Sea Grain Initiative – the agreement’s official name – it was stipulated that Ukrainian ports would not be used to launch attacks against Russian infrastructure, which was “violated”. Last week alone, seven Ukrainian remotely piloted unmanned surface vessels (USVs) were destroyed, he claimed.

Source: News Beast

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