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Vladimir Putin: Vaccinated with Sputnik V – What side effects did it have?

With the Russian vaccine Sputnik V revealed that he was vaccinated Vladimir Putin, appearing on a Russian television show. “I know I have to protect myself for as long as possible, so I decided to do Sputnik V,” he said, adding that “after the first dose I did not feel anything. Four hours later, the injection site became a little tender. After the second dose, which I took in the afternoon, at midnight I measured my temperature and it was 37.2 degrees Celsius. I fell asleep and when I woke up it was 36.6. That’s it. “About 20 days after the blood tests showed a high level of protection,” he told reporters.

“Many scammers these days pretend to be vaccinated and unfortunately some nurses are cooperating by doing injection with saline. I hope people understand that I am telling the truth by saying that I was vaccinated. “People do not make small-scale frauds like this,” Putin said.I was asked not to reveal which vaccine I did in order not to create some kind of competitive advantage one vaccine compared to another “.

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