Vladimir Putin: We can start up the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if necessary

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The Russian President Vladimir Putindeclared on Wednesday that “Nord stream 1 is practically closed”, adding that “we can start the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if necessary”.

Featured Comments

Proposals to limit Russian gas prices are stupid, they will lead to increased prices“.

“Gazprom is interested in long-term gas sales contracts.”

“Nord Stream 1’s last operational turbine is out of service.”

“We will resume flows from Nord Stream 1 if they bring the turbine back.”

“We are working on the construction of new pipelines to transport gas, some of which go through Mongolia to China.”

Market reaction

The EUR/USD holding recovery gains above 0.9900, quoting above 0.9915, up 0.16% on the day at time of writing.

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Source: Fx Street

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