Vogue Singapore Presents NFT Collection at OpenSea

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Vogue Singapore is displaying a limited edition NFT collection inspired by the New Beginning theme on the OpenSea platform. This is the first digital art auction in the history of the brand.

The Vogue Singapore NFT collection was created in collaboration with several digital creators and includes two September covers, RenaiXance Rebirth and Triumphant Awakening, according to the publication. The collection also includes eight digital pieces from the world of fashion, beauty and art.

The NFT Limited Collection is inspired by the September New Beginning theme and is available for auction on OpenSea from November 10-13, 2021. The starting price of the lot is 1 ETH. The release notes for the Vogue Singapore NFT collection say, “Art is synonymous with NFT.”

While the use of NFT by fashion houses and publications is only in its infancy, collectible tokens are more often used as self-PR tools and objects of contemporary art. Vogue Singapore NFT draws the attention of fashion brands to the possibilities of digital transformation in the world of haute couture and art.

In October, the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana successfully completed its first ever Collezione Genesi NFT collection auction at UNXD. Additionally, in April, the boom in non-fungible tokens prompted the popular Gucci brand to release its NFTs.

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