Volodymyr Zelensky: Russia is lying when it talks about negotiations, otherwise it wouldn’t send thousands to the ‘mincer’

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In his nightly sermon, its president Ukrainian, Volodymyr Zelenskyreferred to the possibility of capitulation with the Russia so as to put an end to war that began on February 24. However, the Ukrainian leader described as lies what the Russian side says it is willing to talk to.

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“Battles are raging and the fiercest of them are taking place in Donbas – in Bakhmut and Solentar. We hold positions in these areas, but also in Donetsk in general. The Russian military has already lost more lives and ammunition than in the two wars in Chechnya combined“, Mr. Zelensky initially said.

“However,” he continued, “Russia’s real losses are hidden from its citizens and Russian society. This paranoid lunacy of Russia’s “owners” is the best proof that what they tell some foreign leaders that they are supposedly willing to negotiate is simply lies. Because when one thinks of negotiating, one does not look for ways to deceive those around them and send hundreds of thousands of people to the “meat machine” – whether they are conscripts or mercenaries».

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The Ukrainian leader said:We are ready for peace, for a just peace, the formula of which we have expressed many times. People know our positions. Respect for our territorial sovereignty, respect for our people and to be held accountable for the way they sowed – and for those found guilty to be punished as well as reparations for the damage they have caused us.”

Ukraine will be liberated and all our borders will be where they were before on land and sea“, he emphasized. Mr. Zelensky, meanwhile, thanked the US for the new military aid amounting to 400 million euros, but also the Netherlands for the “package” of 125 million euros. He explained that the G7 Council of Foreign Ministers decided to support Ukraine and help it rebuild its energy infrastructure.

The most fierce fighting throughout this week is concentrated in Donbas – Bakhmut and Soledar. We are holding our positions. And in these and some other directions in the Donetsk region, the Russian army has already spent as many lives of its people and as much ammunition as it probably did not spend in the two Chechen wars combined. But the real level of Russia’s losses is concealed from Russian society. And this absolutely insane stubbornness of the owners of today’s Russia is the best indicator that everything they tell some foreign leaders about their alleged readiness for negotiations is just as false. When someone thinks about negotiations, he does not look for ways to deceive everyone around him in order to send tens or hundreds of thousands more people to the meat grinder – mobilized or in the form of some mercenaries. We are ready for peace, for a fair and just peace, the formula of which we have voiced many times. The world knows our position. This is respect for the UN Charter, respect for our territorial integrity, respect for our people and due responsibility for terror – this is punishment for all those who are guilty and full compensation by Russia for the damage caused to us. Ukraine will be free. And our entire border will be restored – both on land and at sea. Both in the east and in the south. Glory to Ukraine!

Posted by Volodymyr Zelenskyi on Friday, November 4, 2022

Source: News Beast

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